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Hospital Bed
These hospital beds are the most appropriate to use in hospitals because they have multiple features like elevation adjustment, side railings and height adjusting. When in need of up straight sitting, these bed can be folded into the form of chair. Various medical equipments can be adjusted in railings of these beds. No discomfort is caused even when the patient is lying for a long time because they have extra comfortable mattresses.
Syringe & Needle Destroyer
Our Syringe & Needle Destroyer are made of alloys so that they do not incur any damage and work for a long time. These can carry out the needle and syringe breaking in an efficient way. The needle is first inserted into the appropriate hole and by applying a little force, the needle breaks off. The syringe is then inserted into another slot and crushed so that they can not be reused.
Hospital Stools
These Revolving Stools can rotate at an angle of 360 degrees and have tires so that they can easily be moved. They provide comfortable seating for a long time because their seats have soft mattresses. The height of these stools can be adjusted by the lever provided under the seat. Their surfaces have bright appearance because they are coated with metallic paints.
Over Bed Table
Our Over Bed Table are provided a lot of features like light weight, shiny appearance, comfortable frame for keeping things, etc. Two pairs of tires are adjusted at the ends of these tables for having a rotation in 360 degrees. The complete manufacturing of these table is done by using alloys and best quality wood. A lever is provided to them for adjusting the height. 
Hospital Bedside Lockers
With our Hospital Bedside Lockers, the patients can easily access their medicines and other things as their drawers are highly spacious. No corrosion occur on the surface of these lockers because they are coated with strong metallic paints. Their size is very compact hence, these bedside drawers can be adjusted in a small area. Their tires ensure that they can be moved effortlessly in any direction.
Hospital Hollowares Stainless Steel
These Hospital Hollowares Stainless Steel have a large space in them for keeping instruments and other necessary things. Strong handles are provided to them so that they can be easily lifted and carried from one place to another. Stainless steel is used in their manufacturing due to which they remain free from corrosion and moisture from air.

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